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By Ann Steiert

Originally published in the BDHS newsletter, November 1994

Emil Rossi was born in Cibiana, Comune de San Romano Provence of Lucca, Italy, in 1907. He lived with his maternal grandparents until the age of twelve. His mother came to the United States when he was five years of age. When she had enough money she sent for him and his sister, who was sixteen at the time.

The four of them started on their journey to their new home experiencing many difficulties along the way and too numerous to mention. Language was a large barrier. Finally they reached Ellis Island. Five days later they departed for Black Diamond. All in all it took them 25 days to complete their journey. Their father was waiting for them at the Seattle Station but the conductor said that Maple Valley was closer to Black Diamond and that is where they went. More confusion! Finally an Italian-speaking person came to their rescue and drove them to their wanted destination.

Here they had a great reunion with their parents, two brothers, Albert and Harry, and a sister, Artie. (more…)

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