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Originally published in the BDHS newsletter, May 1992

By Ann Steiert

Gerald BaintonFor several months now the Thursday Crew has been fortunate in having a very good carpenter and workman join their ranks. Everyone is very happy when he shows up each Thursday. Gerald Bainton is a true pioneer of Black Diamond in that his roots go back to the beginning of the town.

His ancestors were part of the many people who migrated from Nortonville in 1882. His grandmother was a member of the Habenicht family and his grandfather was Harry Bainton, an early settler also. Gerald’s father was Gus. There were several men in the family, namely Henry, George, and Gus. There were two girls, Elvera, and Loretta. When they first came to Black Diamond they lived up in the main part of town. Then when the strike came in 1921 they acquired property on the Chub Lake Road and built their home there. (more…)

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