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This photo was taken from atop one of the John Henry spoil piles near the Black Diamond-Ravensdale Road.

Originally published in the BDHS newsletter, May 1994

By Ann Steiert

Those of us living in Western Washington, especially in King and Pierce County, are especially blessed by having Mount Rainier in our area of vision. Those of us in Black Diamond have a special view from almost anywhere you may be in town. Our home has an 8-foot kitchen window which faces the mountain and gives us a constant changing picture. This is true of other homes in the area.

We wonder what the early settlers thought as they came here and made their homes. There are few areas where a beautiful mountain presides over the landscape in such a great way. The mountain and the surrounding park offers much in the way of recreation such as hikes, skiing, camping, and just plain taking a good look at a beautiful area. (more…)

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