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Miner Frank

Originally published in the Kent News Journal, November 13, 1981

Frank Grens

Staff photo by Mark Morris

Miner Frank Grens, about the only resident left in the old mining area of Franklin east of Black Diamond, puts on a pot of coffee in his one-room shack, formerly a miner’s wash house.

The “VIP, Mayor of Franklin and Dog Catcher,” as the sign outside his abode claims, spent 52 years working below the earth, harvesting the coal that gave Black Diamond its name. Now he’s content to live alone in his cabin, lit dimly by two hanging light bulbs.

Playboy centerfolds teasingly smile down from two of the dark wooden walls. There is an easy chair, several old kitchen chairs and a rumpled iron-cot bed. Fishing gear crowds a corner.

It is a lifestyle of someone unconcerned with material possessions.

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