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Originally published in the Black Diamond Bulletin, Summer 2013

By JoAnne Matsumura

Carolyn Christopher gave her doll, Dorothy Francis, to the Black Diamond Historical Society in 2006 to be exhibited with the other dolls.

Carolyn Christopher gave her doll, Dorothy Francis, to the historical society in 2006.

For weeks I was among the dolls at the company store, having arrived in the summer of 1920. I was made by the Efanbee Doll Company of fine porcelain, glass eyes, human hair, and specially designed clothes.

The company store applied an amount toward the outstanding balance each payday and eventually I was brought to company house #188, the home of Francis “Frank” Bussey, a Mine 11 coal miner of several decades, and Andrew and Alice Bussey Haag, Jr., Frank’s son-in-law and daughter.

I was to be Santa’s Christmas gift for Dorothy Haag, Frank’s granddaughter.

The tragic events of December 22, 1920, however, intervened.

The rooms were filled with grief, sadness, and tears from family, friends, workers, and mine officials.

The loss took the lives of four miners in an instant. The community gathered at families’ homes, bringing food and gifts. (more…)

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