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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, Month/date unknown, 1923

Newcastle BB Club Team 1923With the distinction of having won every game played so far this season, the Newcastle Baseball Club also holds the unique honor of including among its players eight men who work underground, every man on the team, however, being a full-fledged mine employee. Four of the men are contract miners. What is more, these baseball champs are just as efficient with a jack-hammer or miner’s pick as they are with a ball and bat.

In the group above in the front row, left to right, you see: “Cannon-ball” Roy Woolsey, contract miner and pitcher; Syd Evans, fireboss and team manager; E.R. Mullen, haulage man and center field; Ray Knoblauch, pay roll clerk and 3rd base; back row. Left to right: “Chick” Cowling, timberman and shortstop, also captain of the team; Jimmy O’Reilly, contract miner and 1st base; H.C. Lovelace, loader and right field; L. Kunkle, contract miner and left field; Harry Ober, contract miner and catcher. Unfortunately Geo. Cowling, pipeman’s helper and 2nd base player, was detained in the mine when the boys came off shift and consequently does not appear in the picture.

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