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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, April 1914

safety lamp with locking device

This safety lamp, with a locking device, was made in England by Thomas & Williams Makers, Aberdare, a Cambrian No. 5. This lamp was used by Wm. T. Thomas, a Pacific Coast Coal Co. employee.

In Bulletin No. 2 it was mentioned that the matter of an alleged irregularity in the handling of safety lamps in Mine No. 14 was being investigated and the result would be published in the Bulletin, later. The company, as well as the employees at Black Diamond, requested the State Mine Inspector to make a thorough investigation, and no doubt, most of the employees are aware of his findings; hence, it will be unnecessary to repeat the details here.

The complaint arose, principally, through the unfamiliarity of some of the miners with the lamps. Upon investigation it developed that the supposed defects had no bearing whatever on the safety of the lamps, and the lamps exchanged for the men at the time, were exchanged simply that the miners might feel entirely satisfied.

There was no occasion for any fuss about the matter, and nothing further would have been, said about it, had it not been for the activity of some of the agitators, who were bent upon bringing about trouble between the company and its employees.

The State Mine Inspector made a good suggestion to the committee of employees, when he advised them to try to work in harmony with the mine officials in the future, stating he was satisfied any just complaint would be given due consideration, if presented to the proper officials.

The business of coal mining is difficult and more or less dangerous at best, and it is highly desirable, from the standpoint of the employees, as well as from that of the company, that there should be harmony and co-operation between the mine officials and the men. They should work together to obtain the best results as to safety and efficient operation of the mines. (more…)

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