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A picnic

Originally published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 8, 1905

By Violet Maxwell, 15 years, Franklin, Washington

picnic-basket-ftrIt was near the close of school when our teacher said, “Children, which shall we have, an entertainment or a picnic?” We all wanted a picnic. So we decided to go to a lake three miles away.

It was on a May morning, when the sun was shining its brightest, that we started. There were three wagons to carry the little children and the visitors. I rode on my bicycle.

We had lunch, rowing and fishing. There was a large St. Bernard dog along who got hungry at lunch time and got up on the table to see what there was good to eat. We all laughed and thought it a joke on him.

We played games and romped all day, and shortly before going home the baker passed in his wagon. He stopped and shared his cakes with us, and, oh, such cakes.

We all started home, tired and happy, through the loveliest green woods, and crossed the most beautiful river in Washington. We were all ready for supper and bed when we got home, and so ends our happy school picnic.

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