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Originally published in the BDHS newsletter, April 2005

Green River Gorge PC 1936It was a warm summer day that August 31, 1936. She was standing on the observation’s narrow boardwalk over the falls at the Green River Gorge, and enjoying the spray to cool her off from the warm summer heat.

As she admired the beautiful scenery she decided to write that evening when she returned to Portland, Oregon, to Miss Margorie Redshaw in North Dakota about her visit to Black Diamond and the Green River Gorge.

Mrs. Ace took us to the Green River Gorge where it is awfully nice. The water was just roaring down. Would like to live here. Wish you were here with me.

All the places marked with an X [on a post card of the Green River Gorge Falls] I have been. I picked up a stone for you from these Cascade Mountains. I have pressed all kinds of fruit leaves and shook a plumptfull [sic] of a tree and ate 2.

Saw grapes on vines, apples, apricots, walnuts, peaches, pears, & every fruit. The people we are staying with are very nice. Saw some cowboys & they are homlier than a mud fence. Any book that says they’re handsome is goofy, Ha Ha.

Was lots of fun. Awfully pretty here. Lots of brooks & trees. Much Love, Sybil S.

Contributed by JoAnne Matsumura, private collection.

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