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Junior Safety Patrol—Valuable Asset
Black Diamond High School

Black Diamond High School

Tuesday, October 18, marked the beginning of the first “Junior Safety Patrol” ever to be had in the city of Black Diamond. This patrol was introduced to the high school students by Patrolman Jackson of Auburn. He explained that the patrol boys have the power to give orders and report violations of traffic laws. Mr. Jackson stated emphatically he did not want anyone reported for “bullying.”
Coping Saw Started
A coping saw group was formed a few weeks ago under the supervision of Mr. Cobb. This group meets once a week from 2:00 to 2:30 p.m. down at the shop. Many juniors signed up for it and the girls especially find it interesting. The things that are being made are corner stands, door stops, belt and tie holders, etc.


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Originally published in the BDHS newsletter, January 1977

From time to time, as material and space permits, we would like to offer you profiles of the pioneers of this area. This first such profile, with pictures, is of Joseph Metzler, age 93 [in 1977], and still quite active.

The following material was graciously prepared by two of Joe’s daughters: Mrs. Clara Hudson of California and Mrs. Marion Langston of Montana. Ann Steiert combined and condensed the material.

Joe, our hats are off to you!

Joseph MetzlerIn the gallery of pioneers one name stands out in prominence for the active part its bearer played in the actual building of Black Diamond. That man is Joseph Metzler.

Joseph Metzler arrived in Black Diamond from Germany on Nov. 4, 1901, at 6 p.m., on a freight train that also pulled a passenger car for passengers. His uncle, Joseph Steiert, paid for his passage and he lived with him for several years.

Several years after he arrived in Black Diamond he sent for his mother, Pauline Metzler, and a step-brother, Emile. He purchased a home for his family across from the ballpark on the new road going to the Morgan Slope (#11) mine. (more…)

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