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Originally published in the Globe-News, October 20, 1978

By Jim Blubaugh

John Malgarini is still playing soccer at the age of 54.

John Malgarini still playing soccer at 54.

Over 35 years ago, when John Malgarini was a youngster in Black Diamond, a soccer ball was a major part of his life.

While kids at a lot of other schools tossed around a football at recess, youngsters in Black Diamond played with a soccer ball. “There weren’t enough kids in school to field a football team, so they gave us a soccer ball at recess,” Malgarini recalls.

Today, at 54, Malgarini still plays soccer. He’s the oldest player on the Renton Division A Senior (over 30) team entered in the Washington State Soccer League.

Soccer big before

If you happen to think that the history of soccer in Washington started with the boom of 1965, Malgarini is living proof that the sport was big in some Valley towns many years ago. It was big in places such as Black Diamond, Ravensdale, Issaquah, Carbonado and parts of Seattle before the turn of the century. (more…)

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