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Originally published in the Black Diamond Bulletin, Winter 2010/2011

By JoAnne Matsumura

Wm CosgroveLike so many young men at the turn of the century, William George Cosgrove, at the age of 19, left his homeland with his 12-year-old brother. The two hopped aboard a tramp steamer, unbeknownst to the vessel’s crew, and crossed the pond to Canada.

William was born on December 25, 1887, to William and Harriet Cosgrove in Stepney, an inner-city area in the East End of London. He joined sisters Harriet and Catherine and brothers Fred and John.

Sometime before August 1912, we find William in Minnesota, where he married Florence M. McPherson and the two began their family. Of their six children, the first four—Stanley, Frank, Harriet, and Fred—were born in Minnesota. William is believed to have been born in Washington state and Dorothy, in Black Diamond. (more…)

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