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Originally published in the Valley Daily News, November __, 1983

By Nathalie Overland

Frank Grens

‘Miner Frank’ Grens

A bit of Black Diamond history died Thanksgiving Day.

Frank Grens, known as “Miner Frank” to his neighbors around the Green River Gorge, died Thursday of a heart attack.

At 72, Grens was one of the few surviving men who shoveled coal during Black Diamond’s mining boom. But it was the unique lifestyle he adopted in his later years that distinguished Grens as one of Black Diamond’s more unconventional residents.

The white-haired miner actually lived outside of the town Black Diamond, on a tree-lined hillside that slopes down to the Green River Gorge. For a dozen years Grens called this abandoned Franklin mine site home, making his bed in the windowless shack that once served as a miners’ wash house. (more…)

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