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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, July 1, 1928

07-01_Goddess of Liberty - 1928Those who have planned on a big time at Black Diamond on July 4th will not be disappointed. One of the finest programs yet presented is on tap, and the largest attendance in history is confidently expected by the Central Mine Council and its various sub-committees, who have worked hard in arranging the entertainment.

Adding to the interest of the various events, the Goddess of Liberty and her court will be seen in pageant. Miss Frances Hadley, of Black Diamond, has been chosen for the royal position in the contest which closed June 27th. The maids of honor will be Miss Thelma Kelly, Newcastle; and Miss Vera Williams, Carbonado. (more…)

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Originally published in the Tacoma Daily News, July 1, 1891

Women driven into the forest to bear children—Men cruelly murdered

“News” special correspondent is arrested for crossing the line—First truthful account of the miner’s troubles at Franklin—The miners peaceable

By W.A. Ryan

Drawing of Franklin, circa 1887.

Drawing of Franklin, circa 1887.

Franklin, July 1—I arrived at Palmer Monday night at 6 o’clock. Palmer is a little station nestled at the crest of a hill in a deep forest, a little cluster of houses. Got more than half a dozen at most of which the chief is the depot.

Here I warned that five miners families from Franklin had arrived there early yesterday morning and had been sent to Carbonado for safety. Rumor had reached the place of a desperate encounter between the miners and the guards at this place and when I asked to be directed here I was warned that an attempt to enter the camp of the locked out miners or the dead lines established by the O. I. Company would result disastrously. (more…)

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