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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, July 22, 1927

nbd tramway

Disposal of the rock and waste material which comes from a mine is always a problem, and frequently an expensive proposition. The solution of this problem at the New Black Diamond Mine was found in the erection of an aerial tramway leading from the tipple up over the point shown in the accompanying picture, where the huge baskets capable of carrying a ton or more of rock, dump their loads into a cavernous gulch.

The total length of the tramway from the bunker terminal to the further tower is 1,900 feet. The buckets travel at a speed of 900 feet per minute, with a capacity of 80 cubic feet each, capable of handling 53 tons of material per hour. The buckets are dumped automatically.

The cable is two inches in diameter and was made by the American Steel & Wire Co.

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