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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, February 1, 1922

By E.F. De Grandpre, Dept. Mgr., Misc. Operations

Pacific Coast Co. Hotel

The 67-room Pacific Coast Co. Hotel was across the street from the depot/museum, where the Eagles are today.

A few days ago I had lunch in a so-called “good” restaurant in a fair-sized town on the way to one of our camps—considered a good place to eat and a cheap place.

I paid 40¢ for the regular lunch consisting of tasteless soup, pot roast (two small slices), potatoes (called mashed potatoes, but very lumpy), small side dish of boiled cabbage, small piece of sweet potato, white bread and small piece of butter, bread pudding with blackberry sauce, coffee.

The same day I had dinner at one of the company eating houses and for 50¢ was served: (more…)

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Collective bargaining recognized and provision made for full cooperation between employees and management in all matters of mutual interest

Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, February 1, 1922

Pacific Coast Coal Co. Logo 1922To the mine employees of the Pacific Coast Coal Company:

At the time we severed relations with the United Mine Workers of America, and on numerous subsequent occasions, we announced that as soon as the working forces approached normal we would adopt a plan of organization which would embody the principle of collective bargaining and assure the employees a voice in the discussion of our mutual problems.

Our new working force has now been built up and is established to an extent which will enable us to fulfill the assurance given, and we believe the time has come for taking the first step in the adoption of such a plan. (more…)

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