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Originally published in the Voice of the Valley, November 13, 2007

By Bill Kombol

Three boys sit on the locomotive’s pilot, while several men and boys stand on the railroad track.

In the early days of coal mining, almost all of the coal was transported to market by railroads. This coal-fired steam engine would have been a familiar sight to those living in the coal mining towns and camps, as well as the dock workers where much of the coal was re-loaded on ships. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, February 8, 1922

JM SimsA welcome caller last week was J.M. Sims, superintendent of the Pacific Coast Railway. This road is in California, and is a subsidiary of the Pacific Coast Company, as is The Pacific Coast Coal Company.

Mr. Sims is one of the interesting personalities of The Pacific Coast Company. Sure sign that he is held in affection and esteem, his stories are constantly being retold, and his personal experiences recounted in the friendly manner that attests personal popularity.

Being in Seattle on business, he dropped into “ye editorial sanctum” in the course of his rounds of the general offices.

He was greeted with enthusiasm. In point of service Mr. Sims has earned the right to be classed among the veterans—although still as active as a stripling. Beginning in Illinois at the age of 16 as a telegraph operator, he has remained in railroad service for more than forty years, joining the Pacific Coast Company twenty years ago.

Call again, Mr. Sims.

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