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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, March 8, 1922

By Geo. Watkin Evans, consulting coal mining engineer, Seattle

Black Diamond-area mines

This hand drawn map from the article, “Black Diamond-area mines,” was published in the August 1987 issue of the BDHS newsletter. (See http://wp.me/pDbRj-J9.)

We are now ready to take up the Black Diamond area of the coal fields of the State of Washington. The Black Diamond area was opened at a much earlier date than the Ravensdale area.

The old Columbia & Puget Sound Railroad, now the Pacific Coast Railway, which has played such an important part in the early development of Seattle and vicinity, was extended from Renton up the Cedar River Valley, thence across the gravel plains in the neighborhood of Lake Wilderness to what is now Black Diamond.

Mine No. 14, Black Diamond, was opened in 1884 by the Black Diamond Coal Company, which was originally incorporated in California, and operated a mine at Mount Diablo. This company was composed of such well-known persons as Alvinza Hayward, P.B. Cornwall, and Morgan Morgans. (more…)

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