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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, April 5, 1922

Emil Bernhard

Emil Bernhard

This is Emil Bernhard, chef at the company boarding house at Newcastle, who is an expert in his line.

One reason Emil is a success is that he is amiable in his dealings with the men, and always tries to please.

He may have his off times, like the rest of us, but they never last long.

Among Emil’s helpers are A. Williams, who is always to be depended on; Marvin Dureness, bull cook, who is popular with the men; H. Dureness, waiter, who and Emil have been with the company since August; Mrs. E. Bernhard, who is a hard worker; Buch O’Neal, the night man, a new employee, who looks like he was made of the right stuff; H.J. Doane, dish washer, who always turns the dishes out clean, and Miss Oster, waitress, who is also always anxious to please. (more…)

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