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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, April 19, 1922

By Harry J. Scott

Drawn by Chas. Butkus

Drawn by Chas. Butkus

The big inter-camp sporting and athletic meet was held in the Black Diamond Hall on Saturday night, April 15.

This meet is the forerunner of a series of indoor and outdoor athletic contests to be staged during the coming summer, in which all of the camps will participate.

Saturday night’s affair was an exhibition of boxing prowess between the representatives of Burnett and Black Diamond.

The show was advertised as a Smoker, but to the surprise of the assembled fans and fannettes, the announcer, Mr. Con Campion, in a voice that sounded like the Magna-vox on a radio set, let the crowd know that no smoking was allowed in the hall. (more…)

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