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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, June 14, 1922

Pacific Coast Coal Co. Logo 1922Results last Sunday

Newcastle 14, Carbonado 3.
Issaquah 10, Burnett 2.
Black Diamond 6, Wilkeson 3.

Games next Sunday

The schedule had not been drawn up when the Bulletin went to press, but a meeting of the managers of all the ball teams had been called for Tuesday, June 13, to arrange a schedule for the rest of the season.

Standing of teams

Won Lost Percent
Black Diamond 3 0 1.000
Issaquah 3 0 1.000
Wilkeson 2 1 .666
Newcastle 1 2 .333
Burnett 0 3 .000
Carbonado 0 3 .000

Well, they nearly got the Diamond last week, but not quite. There were many rumors before that bunch of ball wallopers entered the heat of battle against Wilkeson that they were in for the surprise of their lives, that Wilkeson had a pitcher who would stand ‘em on their heads and make ‘em look cross-eyed, but when the dust of combat had settled, and the hour arrived for placing the laurel wreath on the winning team’s brow, the Diamond was in the front rank, as usual. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, June 14, 1922

New Pacific Coast Coal Co logo - 1927At a reasonably early hour on July 4, next, a special train bearing men, women and children wearing their holiday clothes will leave Seattle, and afterward Newcastle, for Black Diamond.

At about the same time, stages, similarly burdened with humans out to give dull care the gate, for a day at least, will start from Issaquah and Burnett, and probably Bayne, Carbonado and Wilkeson, for the same place. (more…)

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