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Summit Inn MenuDecades ago, this area [Four Corners] was named Summit, Washington, by the railroad pioneers when they came into this country. It doesn’t seem like much of a summit in the true meaning of the word, i.e., Webster’s definition: the apex, the top of the highest point. It truly is a summit above Maple Valley and we certainly are higher than the western terminus of the railroad at Seattle.

A branch line from the railroad at Summit went to Landsburg for coal. The railroad right-of-way and track ran alongside our Inn, where you can see the abandoned blacktop road to the south of us. The present Summit-Landsburg Road derived its name from the terminals of that branch line, Summit and Landsburg.

The railroad continued on from Summit to the coal fields of Black Diamond, with a branch lines to Kummer and Franklin.

Summit Inn Map

Our remodeled restaurant building was once a coal mine office many years ago. Coal was truly “King” and our coal traveling down those pioneer railroad tracks became the famous “Seattle Coal” coveted the seas over by all the world’s steamships plying the ocean waters.

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