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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, August 3, 1922

By M. McPhee, purchasing agent, Pacific Coast Coal Co.

Editor, Pacific Coast Bulletin:

Pacific Coast Coal Co. Logo 1922The purchasing agent has made but few demands on the Bulletin for space since it began publication. But I would like a little of it at this time for a few suggestions which, if carried out, would help us all, I think, in our mining operations.

In order to meet competition, it is absolutely necessary for the Pacific Coast Coal Company to keep down the cost of production to a point which will enable it to meet other fuel-producing organizations on a fair basis. Material is a considerable item in production, although a great many of us have only the vaguest notion as to what this actually means. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, August 3, 1922

Present at Central Council Meeting

John Ritchie, chairman—Representative Zone E, Newcastle.
G.F. Clancy, acting secretary—Chief Clerk, Mining Dept.
B.J. O’Reilley—Representative Zone B, Issaquah.
N.D. Moore—Vice President.
Frank Berry—Representative Zone G, Newcastle.
Robert Simpson—Superintendent, Burnett.
A.M. Weir—Representative Zone F, Issaquah.
James McGarrie—Representative Zone C, Black Diamond.
John Bryant—Representative Zone H, Black Diamond.
H.M. Irelan—Mutual Service Director.
Frank Connell—Representative Zone E, Burnett.
Roy Creek—Representative Zone B, Newcastle.
J.J. Jones—Superintendent, Black Diamond.
H.G. Walmsley—Representative Zone F, Newcastle.
Elmer Fitzgerald—Representative Zone A, Burnett.
J. Justice—Representative Zone F, Black Diamond.
J.C. Lindsey—Industrial Engineer.
W.E. Jones—Fireboss, Newcastle.
J.R. Hardie—Fireboss, Issaquah.
Theo. Rouse—Mine Foreman, Black Diamond.
A. Booth—Representative Zone H, Black Diamond.
Paul Gallagher—Mine Inspector.

Not the least gratifying feature of the last meeting of the Central Council in Seattle on Saturday, July 29, was the enthusiastic desire expressed by employee councilmen to impress men employed at the mines since February 1, when our employer-employee organization went into effect, with the benefits and privileges to be obtained under its provisions.

Some of the councilmen thought a new “campaign of education” should be undertaken by the management for the instruction of these workers. (more…)

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