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Originally published in the Maplevalley Messenger, September 22, 1921

No definite action has yet been taken by Milwaukee to authorize overhead crossing

Milwaukee_RR_logoTwo weeks have elapsed since the plans for the overhead bridge across the [Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad] at Maplevalley were approved by the county commissioners. The matter is still in the hands of the railroad and awaiting authorization from Chicago in response to a telegram sent two weeks ago.

That the bridge will be put in there cannot be a shadow of a doubt. Should the railroad fail to make a reply inside of a week, the matter will be turned over to the Department of Public Works at Olympia. They are as anxious to see this crossing eliminated as are the people of Maplevalley.

Mr. Frank R. Spinning of the Department of Public Works has promised that a hearing will be held in Maplevalley provided the railroad company does not see fit to take immediate action.

This hearing we have no doubt will result in the department taking the matter into its own hands and ordering the installation of the bridge.

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