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Originally published in the Maple Valley Historical Society Bugle, March 2010

Berry Patch sketchAt the February Historical Society program, workers and diners of the famous Berry Patch restaurant, 24809 SE 235th Pl, shared their memories of chicken dinners and berry pies.

According to records, the restaurant was originally built in 1931 as the Cedar River Homestead and owned by W.R. Brehm. He had previously operated stores at Fairfax and Wilkeson. About 1935 he began operating the Brehm’s Berry Patch at the homestead in partnership with Mrs. Lulu Anderson.

The restaurant was famous for its home-cooked chicken dinners and berry pies from fruit grown on the premises. After Brehm’s death in 1945, Mrs. Anderson continued the restaurant until her death in 1968. (more…)

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