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Originally published in the Seattle P-I, October 7, 1993

City of Black DiamondScore one for little Black Diamond. For the past few years, this former coal-mining hub has been trying to expand the area in which it can grow by 3,400 acres to increase its tax base and bolster its struggling economy.

King County planners have opposed the move on grounds that growth projections for rural Black Diamond (population 1,600) do not justify such a geographical push. Instead, they recommended increasing its borders in the future by 850 acres.

Yesterday, Black Diamond Mayor Howard Botts appealed to the County Council’s Growth Management Committee to grant his community the 3,400 acres of elbowroom. “We don’t want to be a Renton, Kent or Auburn,” he said, defending his city’s position that it remain essentially rural.

County Councilman Kent Pullen noted that he had “never seen so many obstacles put in the way” of a community that wanted to grow a little. The vote was 4-0 to amend a proposed urban growth ordinance and allow Black Diamond the 3,400 acres it had requested. The ordinance is expected to come up for a vote at a meeting of the full council Monday.

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