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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, November 12, 1910

Wrecked mine car located under mass of wreckage and falls at Black Diamond and bodies recovered

Search party works under great handicap; remains of Foreman Lunden only one to be identified—others may be laid away in common grave

Tombstone for Dave Lunden, Lawson Mine fire boss.

Tombstone for Dave Lunden, Lawson Mine fire boss.

Located under the mass of wreckage and falls where it had lain since the explosion of dust and black damp last Sunday morning, the mine car containing the bodies of the ten repair men caught on the Lawson slope was uncovered last evening and all the bodies were found. The removal to the surface has since been conducted with dispatch but only after greatest hardships on the part of the rescuing party.

All the bodies are in such a state of decomposition that only the body of Dave Lunden, fire boss, in charge of the crew, has been identified. A common grave may be the lot of the others. The bodies of the five men caught at the bottom of the slope, on the No. 6 level, may not be recovered for days, if at all. (more…)

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