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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, November 23, 1922

Pacific Coast Co. Hotel

The 67-room Pacific Coast Co. Hotel was across the street from the depot/museum, where the Eagles are today.

Employees of the Pacific Coast Coal Company who live in the various company hotels and patronize the dining rooms operated in conjunction at the several camps, will, undoubtedly, on Thanksgiving Day return thanks for health, employment, employers who are interested in their welfare, and friends who make life worth while; then they will return the biggest thanks to Les Foreman, manager of Cooks and Bunkhouses, for the Big Feed which he, so thoughtfully caused to be prepared for them.

For, we understand from advance information, that this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner is going to outclass any other heretofore served by the company to the men in the camps. A charge of $1 per plate will be made to all not regular boarders at the hotels. (more…)

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