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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, November 28, 1921

By Geo. Watkin Evans, consulting coal mining engineer, Seattle

George Watkin Evans (1876-1951), 1924 Courtesy Seattle and Environs

George Watkin Evans, 1924

The purpose of this preliminary sketch is to give the readers of the Bulletin a general view of the coal fields of the state, this to be followed by more detailed articles covering each of the counties in which coal occurs in commercial quantities.

Near the northern boundary line of the state, on the northwest slope of Mt. Baker, there is a small area containing anthracite and anthracitic coal. So far no commercial mines have been developed within this field.

Westward and near the shore of Bellingham Bay, is an area containing a coal bed that is being developed by the Bellingham Mines Company. It is not known at present what the full extent of this area is, but it is probable that additional discoveries will be made in Whatcom County. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, November 28, 1921

New Pacific Coast Coal Co logo - 1927Imagine yourself in business for the past twelve years with a group of men who were members of an organization which demanded from you all the profits and benefits of a full partnership and yet refused to concern itself in the slightest degree with the economical operation of your plant or to assume any of the risks or losses attending a regular partnership.

Suppose further, that this group of men, 75 percent foreign born, maintained in Indianapolis a manager who admitted that certain wage adjustments were absolutely necessary to save your business from ruin, but refused to let the men vote on the question because of the effect such a vote might have on his extensive eastern interests. (more…)

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