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Originally published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 8, 1963

Black Diamond Bakery at sundown.BLACK DIAMOND — Oh, the luscious smell of baking bread! And from the only wood-fired bake oven in the state. George Eipper, 79; Frank Dawson, younger, and Mrs. Margurite LeRoy, with the world of King County beating a path to their door, as the saying is.

King Coal once ruled Black Diamond and the town was known far and wide for a mine more than 1,500 feet below sea level. The king may not be exactly dead, but “black diamonds” no longer are important to the town (pop. 1,035).

In the olden days it was just hurry up the hill to work at one or another of the mines, but now it’s drive, drive, drive. To Boeing, Pacific Car, or the big lumber mill at Enumclaw. Maybe no more than a dozen working miners here now, and they are employed five miles out of town. (more…)

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