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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, December 18, 1924

Pacific Coast Coal Company plant, fifty miles south of Seattle, is scene of mystery accident

46 persons below when blast occurs—Officials are investigating cause of fatalities on third level, 1,600 feet underground

Burnett top works, ca. 1915

Burnett top works, ca. 1915

Six miners were killed in an explosion of undetermined cause in the Burnett mine of the Pacific Coast Coal Company, in Pierce County on the Northern Pacific Railway, fifty miles south of Seattle, at 6 o’clock last night.

Two other men were rescued in a daring dash into the gas-filled mine by a rescue crew. The two injured men are in Providence Hospital, Seattle. One may die. Company, state, and federal officials today are attempting to solve the mystery of the explosion.

Bodies of four of the victims have been recovered. The two other bodies have been seen by rescue crews, and were to be brought out today. The gas in the mine is being cleared by air compression. The explosion occurred in No. 4 south gangway, on the third level, 1,600 feet below the surface. (more…)

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