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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, December 20, 1914

By Donald Lewis
Broadway High School

briquet-essay-1914The demands of the times are for efficiency and economy in all things. These are the most essential factors in business success. Without them success is impossible. With them it is inevitable. Successful men know this to be true.

The makers of Black Diamond Briquets know this to be true. Because of this knowledge they have made their product confirm with the highest present-day standards of efficiency and economy. They have made the most perfect fuel that human invention can devise.

Briquets are composed of the purest Black Diamond coal, crushed and thoroughly mixed with asphalt. In the process of manufacture all such waste materials as stone and clinkers are eliminated, leaving for the consumer only the choicest of the coal, scientifically combined with other materials in such a manner as to form the most highly efficient fuel obtainable.

Each briquet is in every respect exactly like each other briquet. This uniformity ensures a great amount of heat with a small amount of fuel, and causes constant attention to the fire unnecessary.

Being manufactured in a thoroughly equipped factory, and by the most advanced methods, briquets are produced with the least possible expense to the manufacturers. Thus, they are offered to the buyer at a price which compares favorably with that of any other good coal.

Briquets are the most efficient and economical fuel obtainable because they are made to meet a demand, and because their makers are sensible to the requirements of that demand.

Donald Lewis won first prize and $15 for his essay. More than 2,000 boys and girls, representing nearly every public and private school in Seattle, participated in the free-for-all affair, and it was no small task that confronted the judges when the great stack of essays was handled to them.

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