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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, December 21, 1922

New Pacific Coast Coal Co logo - 1927Holding that there were evidences of intimidation and coercion in the actions of pickets for the United Mine Workers of America, District No. 10, the Supreme Court of the State of Washington has reversed the judgment given a year ago in September by Superior Judge Austin E. Griffiths of King County, in which he refused to enjoin the mine workers from picketing the properties of the Pacific Coast Coal Company at Newcastle Mine.

The case is now remanded by the Supreme Court to the Superior Court for trial on its merits. The effect of this order of the Supreme Court is to reinstate at Newcastle, until trial on its merits, the temporary restraining order against the United Mine Workers, originally granted by Judge Everett Smith.

Black Diamond and Franklin Mines are still covered by the temporary injunction granted by Judge J.T. Ronald in the fall of 1921. (more…)

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