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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, January 2, 1906

Mike Johnson, a miner at Franklin, stumbles while crossing railroad bridge and falls eighty feet

While walking over a long trestle near Black Diamond last night, Mike Johnson, a miner living at Franklin, slipped and fell over the side to the bottom of a gulch, breaking his neck. When Johnson was found in the gulch, eighty feet below the trestle, he was dead. The accident occurred about 9:30 last night.

Mike Johnson, with a fellow workman in the Franklin mines, started out last night to walk from Black Diamond to Franklin. Both men were sober at the time.

Although it was very dark, they did not take a lantern. When they came to the trestle, which is a long one, Johnson’s companion told him to be careful. Johnson was walking in the rear.

When about half way across the trestle Johnson’s partner turned to speak to him. He received no answer. He went back over the trestle to make a search, but could not find Johnson.

He then returned to Black Diamond and notified Sheriff Hodge of the accident. Hodge went to the trestle with lights and soon found the body of Johnson lying in the gulch.

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