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Originally published in Seattle Daily Times, January 7, 1906

Former manager of Denny-Renton Clay & Coal Co. decides to take long rest after many years in business

George W. Kummer

George W. Kummer

George W. Kummer, who recently resigned the general managership of the Denny-Renton Clay & Coal Company, was the pioneer, organizer, and manager of the first developed factory for the manufacture of clay products in Seattle. To this work he gave sixteen years of unremitting effort, with the result that this industry is now one of the largest and most prosperous in this part of the country.

In 1890 Mr. Kummer took charge of the Puget Sound Fire Clay Company, which, under his management, made the first pressed brick and the first fire brick manufactured in Seattle. This company was reorganized in 1892 under the name of the Denny Clay Company, and during the past year a further reorganization was effected by the absorption of the Renton Clay and Coal Company, the new corporation becoming the Denny-Renton Clay and Coal Company. (more…)

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