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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, January 14, 1927

Method of priming with electric detonator.

Method of priming with electric detonator.

An electric detonator is a device similar to an electric squib, but having, in addition to an igniting charge, a small charge of high explosive which detonates the main explosive charge, states the Bureau of Mines, Department of Commerce.

The development of electric detonators did not begin until several years after the first application of detonation to high explosives by Alfred Nobel, 1863. As with electric squibs, both high and low tension types of electric detonators were developed and both were used, particularly in Europe, for several years.

In the earlier days of shot firing, the high-tension electric detonators and squibs were superior in several respects to the low tension types, and the choice between them usually depended upon the firing current available and the insulation of the shot-firing circuit. (more…)

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