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Originally published in The Seattle Times, February 2, 1972

By Don Duncan

Matthew McTurk (left) and Richard H. Parry

Matthew McTurk (left) and Richard H. Parry

Richard H. Parry, stocky Welshman, turned 90 the other day. Parry and Matthew McTurk, 85, a wiry Scot, recalled the days when they almost really owed their souls to the company store.

Not in Appalachia, mind you. But right here in Washington State, where human moles burrowed into the ground at Roslyn, Black Diamond, Ravensdale, Wilkeson and Carbonado and the basement coal bin was as much a part the home as the kitchen icebox.

At times Parry and McTurk disagreed loudly on historical points—“Now you shut up and let me tell it”—but it was all noise and no heat; the disagreement of old, old friends. Afterward they embraced warmly. (more…)

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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, February 1, 1922

New Pacific Coast Coal Co logo - 1927Issaquah Mine
Editor, Pacific Coast Bulletin:

In the Bulletin of Jan. 18 there was a page devoted to the comparison of store prices. I would like to know where these company stores are located, as I don’t know of any in Issaquah. Would you kindly give us whatever information on this you can, and if it would be possible to deliver goods to us providing the order was large enough.

John Crossar (more…)

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