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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, February 8, 1923

Drawn by Chas. Butkus

Drawn by Chas. Butkus

With “Sailor” Leap’s kayo of Battling Morales in the last minute of the first round of a scheduled four-round go and Jimmie Forbes’ easy victory in the second round over Ernie Dorman in the main event on the card, the fans who packed the house at the smoker given by the Black Diamond Athletic Club last Saturday night seemed well satisfied with the show.

Another knockout was scored by “Cougar” Coutcher, second for “Kid” Brundage, when he splashed some Sloan’s Liniment in the eyes of Brundage and so blinded him that the bout had to be called off before the battlers had even a chance to shake hands.

The smoker opened with a battle royal in which five Black Diamond huskies went to it hot and heavy. Ernest Buchanan, otherwise “Kid Montana,” emerged the victor, according to the decision of Referee Nas Matt, whose judgment was endorsed by the crowd. (more…)

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Originally published in the Maplevalley Messenger, February 8, 1923

Diamond drill to seek a new vein near Maplevalley

Lang and Slater installing outfit on James Maxwell place and hope to have mine producing by fall

mvmessenger_02-08-1923Maplevalley is soon to have a coal mine if the indications turn out as expected. A diamond drill is being installed on James Maxwell’s place and drilling will commence as soon as the weather permits.

Joe Lang, a mining engineer, who recently reopened the old Black River mine, has secured an option on the property. Mr. Slater a well-known geologist, has gone over the ground thoroughly and declares that there is no doubt but that coal exists here in large quantities and that it is easily accessible.

Mining operations will commence as soon as the vein is located and it is hoped that production will start next fall.

As far as can be learned, this is an independent concern and not connected with any of the big coal companies. (more…)

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