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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, March 1, 1923

Central Council 1923

From left to right, first row: R.C. Robinson, Supt. J.J. Jones, A.E. Holden, Glen Clancy, H.G. Walmsley. Second row: Supt. M.A. Morgan, Supt. Robt. Simpson, Ward Harris, Frank Connell, Elmer Fitzgerald, Verald Eberhart. Third row: T.H. Cadwell, John C. Ritchie, P.N. Kurth, Robt. Miles, W.F. Osbourne, E.G. Osterholm. Back row: A. Booth, Reese Griffiths, Frank Eddy, Supt. Paul Gallagher, A.W. Gray, L.W. Foreman, H.M. Irelan.

Last Saturday the Central Council of the Pacific Coast Coal Company met and celebrated its first anniversary by having its picture taken. On February 25, 1922, was held the first meeting of the Central Council. Of that group but two of the employee representatives, John C. Ritchie and Frank Connell, were present at the meeting last Saturday, February 24.

As a picture of the first Central Council appeared in the Bulletin under date of March 1, 1922, it seems very fitting that on this March 1, 1923, there should appear a picture of the Central Council of today. (more…)

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Seattle Welsh Presbyterian Church, Corner of 10th and John.

Seattle Welsh Presbyterian Church, Corner of 10th and John.

St. David, Dewi Sant, is the patron saint of Wales. Traditionally March 1st is the day to celebrate St. David and Welsh culture. On this day, Welsh people wear a leek or a yellow daffodil. The leek (cenhinen), daffodil (cenhinen Pedr, “Peter’s leek”), and the red dragon (y ddraig goch) are national symbols of Wales.

Dewi Sant as abbot and bishop was the heart of the Welsh Church in the 6th century. He died on 1st March 589 AD and was buried in St David’s Cathedral, Pembrokeshire.

So respected was he that medieval pilgrims believed that two pilgrimages to St. David’s were equal to one pilgrimage to Rome. (more…)

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