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Originally published in The Seattle Times, March 10, 1978

By Eric Pyrne
South Times bureau

Joe Bertelli” ‘I fought all my life…’

Joe Bertelli” ‘I fought all my life…’

BLACK DIAMOND — The continuing drama of the nation-wide coal miners’ strike is being played out a little differently in this sleepy old town.

Black Diamond is the home of the only coal mine in the state whose workers still are represented by the United Mine Workers of America. The local miners joined their union brothers in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and other states in walking off their jobs when the strike was called three months ago.

They’re still out. But the situation in Black Diamond today doesn’t have much in common with the headline-grabbing developments back East.

There is no picketing, no violence and little rhetoric here. Labor and management have nothing but kind words for one another. And, since Washington, unlike the East, doesn’t rely extensively on union coal for energy, what happens in Black Diamond probably won’t matter much to most people. (more…)

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