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Originally published in the Maplevalley Messenger, March 23, 1922

Pacific Coast Co. is responsible for further delay in getting bridge built

Pacific Coast Co. logo, ca. 1950

Pacific Coast Co. logo, ca. 1950

A brand new reason for delaying the start of construction work on the proposed overhead bridge across the Milwaukee Railroad at Maplevalley has again held up the contract for the past four weeks.

It has been discovered now that the Pacific Coast Railroad owns a portion of the right-of-way and that the Milwaukee only has an easement through the property. A three-way contract is therefore necessary between the county, the Milwaukee, and the Pacific Coast Company, before work on the bridge can proceed.

This new contract is now in the hands of the Pacific Coast officials awaiting their signature. When signed by them it will be returned to the County Commissioners for their official approval.

It has been learned unofficially by the Messenger that the Milwaukee has issued its appropriation for the work and railroad men have been notified that the bridge is to be put in at once.

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