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Originally published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 10, 1884

P.B. Cornwall

P.B. Cornwall

P.B. Cornwall, principal owner of the Black Diamond coal mines in this county, arrived from San Francisco on the Queen last evening, accompanied by his wife and son. In a brief interview with a Post Intelligencer reported last night, Mr. Cornwall said:

“We have expended a large sum of money in developing our Black Diamond mine in this county—considerably over sixty-thousand dollars—and cannot do much more until the railroad is completed to our mine. We have a contract with the Oregon Improvement Company for the transportation of our coal to Seattle, and are very much disappointed that the Cedar River extension is not being pushed ahead.

“We have made arrangements for the shipment of our coal from this city to the markets of the world, and all that is keeping us back is the failure of the Oregon Improvement Company to complete the road. We are willing to advance them sufficient money with what they have, to complete the road to our mines, and we are waiting to hear from New York now.

“I shall be on the Sound several weeks, during which time I shall visit Whatcom, to look after extensive interests at that point.”

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