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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, May 17, 1921

Grand larceny charged against president of Black Diamond State Bank

Feeling running high

Warrant for the arrest of Thomas F. Fournier, 50, president of the State Bank of Black Diamond, on a charge of grand larceny, was issued by Justice of the Peace C.C. Dalton this morning on complaint of Claude T. Hay, state bank examiner.

The Black Diamond bank was closed last Friday when the bank examiner’s office was notified that Fournier had left it a week ago with only a girl in charge. Assets of the bank then were removed to Seattle and J.W. Harries of the bank examiner’s office now is in Black Diamond investigating the trouble.

Feeling among the miners in the town is said to be running high, according to Sheriff Matt Starwich. The miners, who have been on strike for several months, were dependent upon their scanty savings in the bank for support.

Bail for Fournier has been fixed at $10,000. Fournier is said to be a highly educated man, speaking five languages. (more…)

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Originally published in the Enumclaw Courier-Herald, May 21, 1953

Jerry Steiert, Black Diamond

Jerry Steiert, Black Diamond

Three weeks of hard but interesting work came to a close last Saturday night at 9 o’clock when the Courier-Herald subscription campaign ended. Three girls and five boys who worked in the campaign received bicycles and the others received cash commissions of 15% of all money they turned in.

The official judges’ count disclosed that five bicycles went to candidates living in the territory outside Enumclaw city, and three went to boys and girls living in Enumclaw city.

Highest of all candidates was Kelly De Marco, who had first choice of prize bicycles and had his favorite bicycle out of the door in less than one minute after he reached the office when he was telephoned at the conclusion of the vote count on Saturday night. (more…)

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