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Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, May 31, 1923

While the miner digs the coal and the men at the bunkers see that it is properly prepared for shipment, there are some very important men mid-way between these two, without whom it would be almost impossible to keep the coal moving.

In the picture shown above the Bulletin presents three representatives of the men we refer to, namely: Harold Cooper, sprager; Ralph Walker, oiler; and Wm. Himes, motorman. The fact that each of them has just received the latest Bulletin is not the sole reason they are smiling, for in about five more minutes the whistle will blow, the signal for a dash to the “dry,” a shower and then everything will be ready for supper.

No plans for Fourth of July celebration

No definite plans for the celebration of the Fourth of July at any of the camps have yet been announced.

The magnitude of the celebration which is to be staged in Seattle, including the visit of President Harding, is expected to be such a drawing card that there is not much sentiment apparent in favor of a big inter-camp picnic. The matter of celebrating the day is now up to the camps and decision for a joint or individual celebration will shortly be made.

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