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King County mining town suffers loss of fifty thousand dollars and many persons are rendered homeless

Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, June 1, 1907

The first destructive fire to visit Black Diamond occurred today, when the town was swept by flames, entailing a loss of $50,000 and rendering many persons homeless.

The fire started in the residence of J.T. Williams and is supposed to have been caused by a defective flue. The flames spread with alarming rapidity, soon reaching the business section of the town, licking up private residences in its path.

Scarcity of water placed the men who attempted to check the progress of the flames at a disadvantage. As soon as the alarm was sounded and it was seen that the flames were in danger of spreading, the mines were closed down and the men came from the pit and worked in an effort to save their own property or that of others. The fire started at 10 o’clock and was not under control until noon. (more…)

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