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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, June 30, 1911

Deputy Starwich detached to run down Italian criminals who cause trouble in mining communities

Bob Hodge was “a monster of man – at least we thought he was,” remembered Carl Steiert in Black Diamond: Mining the Memories. “He was about 6-foot-4 and weighed well over 200 pounds.”

Sheriff Robert T. Hodge

Following the receipt of several Black Hand letters by officials and foremen of the Pacific Coast Coal Company at Black Diamond and Franklin, Sheriff Hodge has determined to clean up the community and to deport the foreigners who are supposed to have been the cause of the troubles.

In furtherance of this Matt Starwich, King County’s $1 a month deputy, who has more arrests to his credit than any other deputy in the state, yesterday was detailed to go to Black Diamond for a month to rid the place of undesirables.

While Starwich is at Black Diamond, Deputy Sheriff Scott Malone will patrol the Ravensdale district, Starwich’s regular territory.

The plan to clean up the community is the outcome of the attempt to assassinate Resident Superintendent Christianson and family on March 29, and of which a number of discharged Italian laborers were suspected. (more…)

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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, June 30, 1940

The stubborn fire near Hobart, twenty-five miles east of Seattle, which is believed to have been set by a firebug early last week, burned on unabated last night over an area of almost 1,800 acres of cutover land while weary crews battled to keep it within present confines.

Immediately threatened are the huge stands of virgin timber near and on Seattle’s Cedar River watershed. The flames licked their way into this first-growth timber in several spots late yesterday and only by hard work were the crews able to check their spread. (more…)

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