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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, July 17, 1902

Since Saturday morning Tracy has been hiding in the woods near Covington with two or three companions—He has been unable to travel owing to the wounds which were inflicted by Deputy Bunce—To prevent blood poisoning wounds were lanced by one of his pals

(Copyrighted, 1902, by C.B. Blethen,)

Harry TracyThe Times Special Service
BLACK DIAMOND, Thursday, July 17.—Tracy has again escaped. He has succeeded in eluding the Sheriff of King County and a posse of picked men who advanced on his hiding place three and a half miles from here last night, under the best program that has been formulated at any time during the chase.

The posse arrived at Tracy’s hiding place six or eight hours after he had left. He had taken a rowboat and had gone to the east side of Sawyer Lake, presumably about 2 o’clock this morning, accompanied by his two confederates. Sheriff Cudihee and the posse returned to Black Diamond at 2 o’clock this afternoon.

The chase from this point has been abandoned. (more…)

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Originally published in the Renton News Record, July 17, 1947

On July 7 the Seattle Water Department took possession of the property of the Gladding McBean and Co. at Taylor and there ended some 50 years of the industrial development of the Puget Sound area.

It was interesting to watch the number of people and the kinds of vehicles which have been hauling material from Taylor which the company sold at a bargain price provided the purchaser did the wrecking and hauling.

That material is appearing in the improvement of existing homes or the beginning of construction of new homes. So the Maple Valley community continues to improve and grow.

Some indication of the growth of the community may be gleaned from reliable reports that there are now 70 families with permanent residences on Lake Sawyer with three times that many summer homes.

The Lake Sawyer area now has electric power, rural mail delivery, school buses, and telephone connection through the Black Diamond exchange. Now Lake Sawyer is trying to establish daily to connections to Seattle. The community continues to grow.

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