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Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, July 18, 1902

Everything moved out and no scent for the hounds

Detailed story of the chase of the past few days

By Larris Cain

Harry Tracy mugshot

Harry Tracy mugshot

The elusive Tracy has again given Sheriff Cudihee and his posse of picked men the slip, and has succeeded in escaping from one of the most cleverly laid plans to effect his capture that has been resorted to since his escape from the Oregon penitentiary.

Since last Saturday Tracy has occupied a deserted cabin on the east shore of Lake Sawyer, which is situated about midway between Covington, a small station on the Palmer cut-off, and Black Diamond. No more ideal hiding place could have been selected, for it is located in the heart of a wilderness which it is almost impossible to penetrate.

No more strategic location could have been desired, as it stood on a high part of the bank of the lake, which gave its occupant a sweeping view of that body of water; and any one approaching the cabin from that side could have been seen for at least a mile up and down its shores. To the rear is a wild forest with here and there a small path almost invisible on account of the recent growth of small brush. (more…)

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