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Originally published in The Seattle Star, August 20, 1915

The Pure Milk Dairy, 1512-14 Seventh Avenue.

The Pure Milk Dairy, 1512-14 Seventh Avenue.

No doubt exists in the mind of any Seattle citizen that milk products govern, to a great extent, the health of a city. It is only proper and just that the people should know just how the milk they consume is handled, from the time it is milked until it is delivered to their homes.

The Pure Milk Dairy is a modern dairying plant, equipped to give the people all that is good and pure in milk, cream, and ice cream. The chief supply of their milk is received from Maple Valley, located just south of Renton.

Nature has abundantly bestowed upon this valley ample water and pasture, making it the ideal dairying community of this region. The beautiful Cedar River flows directly through Maple Valley. (more…)

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