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Originally published in The Seattle Times, September 10, 1967

By Nick Dimartino

Mrs. Muriel Wing on the telephone

Mrs. Muriel Wing on the telephone

“Every year they choose someone who’s done something nice for the community and the kids, and this year the darn nuts figured it was me.”

So said Mrs. Muriel Wing, Black Diamond’s Woman of the Year and the second woman so honored. Usually Black Diamond names a Man of the Year.

Mrs. Wing, named on Labor Day as recipient of the plaque, said yesterday the award was a complete surprise.

“I wasn’t even listening to the speech,” she said. “I don’t even know what they said about me.”

Mrs. Wing is the mother-adviser of the Black Diamond Rainbow girls, who have sent nearly 2,500 books to the hospital ship Repose in Vietnam waters.

She has played piano and organ for both churches in Black Diamond for local christenings, marriages, funerals, and other ceremonies. (more…)

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Originally published in The Seattle Times, August 25, 1957

By Lucile McDonald

Honor H. Wilhelm as he appeared in his later years.

Honor H. Wilhelm as he appeared in his later years.

Two daughters of the late Rev. Honor L. Wilhelm‚ have been going through the trunks, papers, library, and attic in a 70-year-old house at 2258 W. 61st St. trying to place in some sort of order the literary legacy of a one-time Seattle publisher.

Mr. Wilhelm, who died May 21, edited The Coast magazine from 1902 to 1910.

Mrs. Wilhelm, unable to move around much because of a hip injury, was aided by her daughters, Helen (Mrs. Arvid Sagor) of 2148 N. 63rd St. and Margaret (Mrs. Ronald L. Cripe) of Enumclaw in closing the house, which was to be sold.

In the 40 years the Wilhelms lived in it the dwelling gradually filled with the owner’s literary output. Mr. Wilhelm wrote poems for every occasion. He wrote autobiographies from his boyhood. He edited several publications. (more…)

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